The absolute best sites on hard science and mathematics that the Web has to offer.

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sci.astro FAQ | The FAQ for the astronomy Usenet newsgroup.
Ask the Space Scientist | See an astronomer's answers about his trade.
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics | An indispensible handbook [GIF format].
Planetary Fact Sheets | You can't do without this if you need Solar System data.
The Nine Planets | Welcome to the Solar System. Here's your grand tour.
Internet Stellar Database | An extensive online queryable database of nearby stars.
SolStation.com | Data on nearby stars, and Java visualizations of starmaps and orbits.
Cosmology Tutorial | Cosmology. Big Bang. You know, that stuff.
Olbers' Paradox | Why is the sky dark at night? This isn't as simple a question as it sounds.
Bad Astronomy | Everything bad you ever wanted to know about astronomy.
Ask the High Energy Astronomer | "High energy" means the really neat stuff.
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal | Everything that happened on the surface of the Moon. Everything.
Ask an Astronomer | Curious about astronomy? Ask an astronomer.
Astronomy Picture of the Day | Every day, see a new picture of the Universe!
Near-Earth Object Program | NASA's NEO page, with comprehensive information and tables.
Current Impact Risks | A frequently updated list of the currently known NEO impact risks.
World of Richard Dawkins | An unofficial Web page on Richard Dawkins' works.
Criticality and Radiation Accidents | The road to discovery is not always an easy one.
Human Body in a Vacuum | What does happen when a human gets spaced?
Cosmic Ancestry | Did life on Earth come from somewhere else?
Health Physics Society: Ask the Experts | Have a radiation safety question?
WebElements Periodic Table | The best periodic table on the Web, hands down.
Chemical Elements.com | An online, interactive periodic table of the elements.
A Periodic Table of the Elements | A resource provided by Los Alamos National Laboratory, aimed more toward high school level.
Yahoo! Maps | Yahoo! Maps is arguably the best online maps resource on the Web.
World-Wide Earthquake Locator | Find recent earthquakes everywhere on the planet -- as advertised.
sci.math FAQ | The valuable Usenet FAQ on mathematics.
World of Mathematics | You won't find a mathematics reference better than this.
Ask Dr. Math | Maths questions answered cheap (well, free).
Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics | What mistakes do maths students make the most?
Integrator | Use Mathematica remotely to calculate antiderivatives.
Fallacies | You're on the road to truth. Don't stumble.
Prime Pages | There's more to prime numbers than meets the eye.
Links to Pi Pages | Pi is likely the most famous mathematical constant. But why?
Geometric Calculus Research and Development | All about geometric algebras and calculus.
sci.physics FAQ | Perhaps one of the most direct and forthright FAQs on Usenet.
Mathematical Physics | John Baez' outstanding updated resource of what's going on.
Entropy | The clockwork universe is running down. But why?
LANL e-Print Archive | This archive is the raw, unadulterated stuff. Proceed with caution.
International System of Units (SI) | We're way beyond the mere metric system, people.
Particle Data Group | The authority on particle physics data world-wide.
Particle Adventure | The Universe is a sea of subatomic particles. Better get used to them.
Relativity on the Web | Relativity, Web. Web, relativity. Behave.
Black Holes FAQ | Have some questions about black holes? Here are your answers.
Falling Into a Black Hole | What would it look like falling into a black hole?
Relativity and FTL Travel | What is it with relativity and faster-than-light travel, anyway?
Cosmological Fads and Fallacies | Ned Wright's excellent summary of "Errors in some popular attacks on the Big Bang."

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